Be careful, you are not in wonderland

Kent Rogowski | I Can’t Stop Thinking About Yesterday installation view by Jen Bekman on Flickr.
  • because I said yes even though I never liked tequila.
  • because it was your (our) only excuse.
  • because you’re a cunt (said it yourself) and exactly what I deserve.
  • because your mouth spills out filth and I showed you what mine could do. (worse)
  • because we’re always going too far but not far enough.
  • because alcohol tastes better than remembering, and denial feels better than guilt (except there’s a bottle of flat beer you forgot to take with you this morning)
  • because I’d rather have his disgust than his pity (and yours, and hers; the girl who’s falling in love with you)
  • because we hate being liars, but still manage to call this “friendship”.

(Reasons why we’re bad people)